Entropic Jungle

dreat's take on digital garden


4th January 2021 at 12:07am

It's a well written book. It could be shorter for sake of information alone, but was a quick, nice read. Concept of 눈치 is interesting and seems useful, but you won't get far on theory alone. I'm yet to practice and test it.

8 rules on 눈치:

  1. Empty your head - you need to let go of your biases and go into a room as a empty "cup" to be filled with atmosphere and information from that room.
  2. Be aware of "observer's effect" - by entering a room you will make a change by just being there.
  3. If you just entered a room, everyone else is longer there. Observe to get the vibe and information.
  4. There's always a good time to be silent. You will get answers for your questions without asking.
  5. Good manners were not created without reason - they were made for people to feel safe and comfortable.
  6. Read between the lines.
  7. Sometimes hurting someone accidentally is way worse than doing that on purpose.
  8. Be agile, be quick.